Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Recalled

samsung gallaxy note 7

Only one month ago Samsung unveiled its Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It was expected to be a total success with the new device costing around $800 and selling around 2.5 million. For the countries where the device was launched, it wasn’t long until many consumers came forward claiming that their batteries had caught on fire while charging the device. Countries like South Korea, and the United States were just some of the countries announced to have a recall. Within about two weeks of the first incident, Samsung started to trade in the Note 7’s for another model. Fortunately China was safe from any defects because their batteries were supplied by a different vendor.

Along with eight other countries, sales have begun to plummet. Companies like Target had  to arrange a plan with Samsung for customers who had already made store and online purchases. Some mobile carriers have offered replacement phones with models that were similar to the Note 7.

Samsung is working hard to maintain their reputable reputation, but with so many devices catching fire, it’s not as easy. What has added even more of a negative impact on Samsung is now the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has stepped in to warn the public about the dangers of the Note 7. They begun with one of the most worldwide organizations, airlines. Now airlines are cautioning passengers to always have their Note 7’s off completely and never charging on a plane. China has even gone to the extent of forbidding Note’s from being inside checked in luggage.

What seems to be causing the fires inside the Note 7 is the battery. For the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung depended on two prime battery suppliers. The first supplier was Samsung SDI, who was already affiliated with Samsung. This company was responsible for the defects. Amperex Technology was the second battery vendor to Samsung for the Note 7. This Hong-Kong based company was the supplier for China’s Note 7’s batteries that were not affected. At no surprise Amperex’s sales have risen over the demand for the Galaxy Note 7’s battery.

Samsung is said to correct this problem by replacing every Note 7 owner with a new device. The fear lies in does Samsung have enough new devices to go around? The problem is, if a user needs or wants the latest most up to date mobile device, their options would most likely lead them to Samsung’s rival company Apple, who just released the new iPhone 7. Samsung is temporarily trying to fix everyone’s phone as soon as possible with an update that will allow Note 7’s to charge only up to 60%.


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