Everything You Need To Know About The New iPhone 7

When Apple prepares itself to release a new product to their iSeries, the world begins to dig for clues and information about the new device. So it comes at no surprise that for this year’s release of the iPhone 7, some leaks and rumors have circled the internet all over the world. Apple is known to output their products in two year periods with releasing the next level iphone then a year later release its “S” version. Since the 6S was the latest version released this year is the iPhone 7.

Although there are rumors of what the next iPhone will look like and do, their is no real way of knowing for sure until Apple releases it. However there are some leaks that have good sources to back up their reasoning as to why they believe these rumors to be facts. The number one question most consumers want to know is what will the new iPhone look like?

            It has been rumored that the phone will have the same aluminum frame and size as the iPhone 6 generation, however the antenna has been removed from running across the back frame and instead is inserted into the top and bottom of the phone, giving it a cleaner look. Another more common leak is the rumor that the new iPhone will have a “dual camera”. Basically instead of a circle camera housing we all know, the housing will be an oval shape. This dual camera is said to have a slightly better change in the quality of photos. Leaks report that photos will be closer to a DSLR quality.

One of the most talked about rumors is that Apple will be removing it’s headphone jack. This will require consumers to use bluetooth headphones or use a new type of headphones that will connect to the lightning port instead of a headphone jack. Many people all over the internet has also started to speculate that because there is no headphone jack now, Apple might intend to reveal a waterproof device, but it’s more likely they’ll remove the lighting port before that. We were hoping Apple would soon supply us with a wireless charger, which has been rumored, but it’s more possible Apple will start to explore something similar to Android’s “Quickcharge”.

Recently analyst Ming Chi Kuo released a leak that Apple will also increase the iPhone’s RAM. Instead of 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB that has been always released throughout the years, Apple is said to release 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB as its RAM lineup. Apple has said that they will also bring new changes to the software IOS10. Things like iMessage will be upgraded to bring animations to the bubbles. The message bubbles will shake, and pop, and will also have bigger emojis. Apple is set to reveal all iPhone 7 details September 7, 2016.



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