iPhone 7 Reveals Apple’s Biggest Flaw: Battery Life

battery iphone

It’s been roughly a month since Apple released its iPhone 7, and it’s been just enough time for consumers to realize the perks and downfalls to the new device. At Apple’s press conference held in September, Apple claimed that the iPhone 7 in fact had the best battery life of all its iPhone series, but what about in comparison to its  leading opponents? Apple for some time has been known to have poor battery life on many of their iPhone devices. A merchandise tester company located in the United Kingdom, Which?, sought to put the new iPhone to the test.

It turns out that after the test was concluded, Apple fell dead last when it came to battery life in comparison with three other devices. The devices included in these experiments were the HTC 10, iPhone 7, LG G5, and Samsung Galaxy S7. What Which desired to learn was which device could live longest against two different battery draining cases; an uninterrupted extended call, and continuous internet browsing. This was achieved by placing each phone in the exact same circumstance. Before beginning testing, all phones were fully charged and fully discharged. After charging fully once more, each phone is set to the same brightness and all devices received equal service from a phone network simulator.

During the first test, each phone ran a continuous call on 3G network until they died. The results were staggering! HTC 10 ranked first with a lasting call of 1,859 minutes (almost 31 hours). LG G5 came in second with a total of 1,579 minutes (almost 27 hours). In third place was Samsung Galaxy S7 with 1,492 total minutes (almost 25 hours), but Apple came in dead last with a mere 712 minutes (almost 12 hours).

In the second test conducted, Apple was a bit closer in ranking with two other devices, but was still last in place. HTC 10 was once again first with a total of 790 minutes (about 13 hours). Samsung Galaxy S7 ranked at 677 minutes (almost 12 hours) and LG G5 at 640 minutes (about 11 hours). However Apple was once again last with a total of 615 minutes (about 10 hours).

The reason something as little as a battery life has such a toll on Apple’ reputation is primely because of two reasons. For one, consumers are astonished how the iPhone battery size is almost double of that of the HTC, yet cannot provide nearly half the battery power. iPhone’s battery measures only 1,960 mAh versus that of the HTC’s with a capacity of 3,000 mAh.

Lastly the reason iPhone’s battery has such a negative impact on Apple is because Apple is mainly known and purchased because they invest heavily into design. One of Apple’s strongest aspects is to always try to deliver the lightest, thinnest, and sleekest device they can possibly, which is consumer favorite. Many users don’t mind sacrificing data over looks, but for how long? Today’s modern day, we are streaming and using more data than ever before, how long before battery life becomes more of a necessity? Apple hopes to reveal a new iPhone 8 in 2017, and with every device released they attempt to further better there battery life consistency.