Tip 1: Beware of Bait And Switch Tactics

If you are using Craigslist Ads to search for a Smartphone repairman, be very careful. Many smartphone repair shops will create a title such as “Cracked iPhone Screen Repair” and then put a dollar amount next to it. You drive to the place believing that the price in the title is the sasme as the repair, only to find out that the real price is $20 higher.

Always be sure to call your smartphone repairman and ask for the price of a repair before taking the drive out to see them.

Tip 2: Never give your phone away to a “mobile service.”  

This is another problem encountered when looking on Craigslist for a smartphone repairman. Many repairman who cannot afford a storefront will offer a “mobile service,” where the repairman will drive to your house and fix your phone.  Many of these repairman are well intentioned, honest people.  However, like any other industry, there are a few dishonesty individuals who can leave you at a loss.  NEVER let a mobile repairman drive away with your phone.  If you decide to use a mobile repair service, always agree to meet in person and wait while the repair isbeing done.  For your safety, it is always better to meet in a public meeting place such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, or Barnes and Noble.

Tip 3: Ask if there is a fee for looking at your phone.  

At Red Hot Repairs, we only charge you money if we perform work on your phone.  This isn’t the same for other repair shops.

Before driving to a phone repair shop, always call ahead and ask if they charge a “diagnostic fee,” or if they will charge you just to look at your phone.  Many shops charge a $25 dollar fee to look at your phone, regardless of whether they fix it or not.

If we can’t fix your phone, you won’t be charged a penny.

Tip 4: Always ask if your repairman offers a warranty on parts. 

At Red Hot Repairs, we have spent a lot of time and capital sourcing the best quality replacement parts.  This isn’t the same for the rest of the industry.

Defective electronic parts are not uncommon in the repair industry.  The truth is, no repair shop can say with absolute certainty that your replacement part won’t turn out to be defective.  However, they can stand by their parts.

Before getting your phone repaired, always ask if they offer a warrantee.  If they don’t, leave.  There is nothing protecting you if your replacement part turns out to be defective.  About half of our new customers come to us because they got their phone repaired from a different repairman or shop.  They usually end up paying once for a botched job and then again for our repair.  If your repairman can’t get it right the first time, you shouldn’t be paying for it.  That’s just common sense.

Many shops will make you sign a waiver before you get your phone fixed.  This is common practice and protects the shop from dishonest customers that bring in broken phones and try to claim that it was the fault of the shop.  However, always be sure to carefully read any waivers or disclaimers you may be signing.  You may be surprised what someone is trying to get you to agree to.

Tip 5: Beware of people offering to junk phones for parts. 

A basic rule: If your phone turns on before you bring it to a repair shop, it can most likely be fixed.  There are exceptions, but this generally holds true.  If a shop tells you that it can’t fix a phone but asks to buy it for junk parts, it is usually better to get a second opinion before selling.  There are repair shops that simply buy devices for “parts” and then end up reselling the same device for high profits.

If you ever have a doubt whether your phone can be fixed or not, bring it to our location and we’ll look at it for free of charge.  We are located at:

80 Carleton Avenue
East Islip, NY 11730

Tip 6: A glass repair is the same regardless of how shattered the glass is.  

This is a straight forward tip.  If a repair shop ever looks at your screen and tells you that they need to charge more because the glass is “really broken,” walk out immediately.  They are being dishonest.

Unfortunately, we have heard of multiple scenarios similar to this.

To be clear, if you crack the glass on your iPhone 4, 4s, or 5, you will need to fully replace the front screen.  It will be the same repair and cost whether there is one small crack or the glass is completely shattered.

Tip 7: Customer service and honesty are usually related. 

There are rude repairmen who are very skilled at repairing phones.  However, this is the exception, not the rule.  

Wherever you go, make sure you are treated with honesty, respect, and professional courtesy.  If a repairman isn’t taking the care to make sure you feel comfortable, he probably won’t take the care to ensure your phone is fixed properly.

Wherever you go, good luck with your phone repair!